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World Anti-Internet
Fraud Alliance

It is a predatory war waged against hard-working & kind-hearted people!


2.2 Million U.S. Cyber Fraud Reports in 2021
10.5 billion in world cyber fraud in 2021
up 700% vs. last year. That's about $28.76 million per day, or $1.2 million per hour, stolen by internet financial scams.





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UK "Which?" November 8, 2021:

Banks must compensate victims of transfer fraud under new law

Government promises to force banks to compensate victims

Chiara Cavaglieri

The new law plans to force all UK banks to compensate victims of authorised transfer payment (APP) scams, marking a landmark victory for scam victims.


​Cambodia Sihanoukville China Digital Park has become the capital of the world's online fraud underworld

Le Monde

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The French newspaper Le Monde recently published a lengthy investigative report on how Sihanoukville Port in Cambodia's Chinatown developed into a paradise for Chinese criminal groups. Le Monde pointed out that Cambodia is a huge beneficiary of China's Belt and Road investment plan, but at the same time, the Belt and Road Initiative has also opened a Pandora's box in Cambodia.

Online romance scams FBI urges seniors to be careful

vegas news

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(Comprehensive report) Recently, the FBI's San Francisco branch issued a warning that the number of romance scams is on the rise. The method is usually online video chat between two parties. After gaining trust, they trick victims into sending money or making "investments." Target.

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