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Gadasalli v. Bulasa

Case No. 4:22-CV-249

  • Case Summary: This case arises out of an alleged scam involving cryptocurrency, where Gadasalli (Plaintiff) was promised romance and financial prosperity but ultimately ended up losing over eight million dollars. Gadasalli met Bulasa (Defendant) online through a dating service, and Gadasalli believed that they had a romantic connection. Eventually, Gadasalli began investing at the direction of Bulasa, who she believed was a successful cryptocurrency investor. Although she was informed that her investments had grown to approximately ten million dollars by Bulasa, Gadasalli was unable to withdraw any of the actual funds from her account. After multiple excuses from Bulasa and being down over eight million dollars in the span of a year, Gadasalli filed the lawsuit.

  • Result: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal by Divya Gadasalli (June 14, 2023)

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