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Victim of the Pig-Butchering Scheme

The author of the article recounts their experience with reporting a crypto scam to law enforcement at a local precint. Initially, they hesitated to report the crime, fearing their local police couldn't handle such a large-scale scam. After six months of struggling, they finally filed a report, hoping to recover their funds with law enforcement's help.

However, their experience with the police was disheartening. The officers lacked an understanding of cryptocurrency and cybercrimes, dismissing the case as if it were insignificant. They completely dismissed the stealing of cryptocurrency as theft because they claimed "Crypto is not real, it's air." They disregarded him and didn't take the author's evidence seriously and suggested there was nothing they could do.

Despite feeling unheard and let down, the author remains determined to seek justice. They plan to contact the FBI and the Secret Service for further assistance. They encourage other victims to share their stories and raise their voices, hoping to bring attention to such crimes and find healing in the process.

To read more about this testimony, visit here.

To report any instances of Internet Crimes or Cryptocurrency Fraud, Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) online at

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