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(January 1, 2022)


         We are in an era where Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency are advancing by leaps and bounds, and we are also in an era where Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency crimes are at their peak. We are in an era when Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency are rewriting global financial and banking history, and we are also in an era when global Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency crimes are becoming large-scale organizational crimes.  According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, the Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency crimes involve an amount of $10.5 billion globally,  soaring 700% higher than the year 2020, and it will continue to skyrocket if the situation remains uncontrolled in the following years.  It’s fair to say that if the decentralization of Internet finance and cryptocurrency today is challenging the traditional operation mode of central banks world-wide, and the large-scale operation of Internet finance and cryptocurrency crimes are also challenging the traditional stress mechanism of the polices, as well as challenging the current legal systems globally.  


         Global Internet financial crimes, especially blockchain cryptocurrency crimes, have rapidly increased and aggravated in recent years, and have become more and more intense. Hundreds of thousands of Internet virtual currency exchanges have sprung up. Thousands of people who have been defrauded are extremely helpless, some of them lost fortunes and ruin their families … Needless to say, this crime occurrence today is inversely proportional to the inefficiency of the police in solving Internet financial crimes. Such a low crime detection rate and low cost of conducting this particular type of crime have made today's Internet finance a hard-hit zone for global fraud gangs that are rampant in the world. A large number of online financial fraud crimes have not been investigated, the tremendously high amount of funds has not been recovered, and hundreds of thousands of fraudsters have gone unpunished. It has become a social phenomenon that occurs every hour and minute.  The fraudsters, who have been hiding behind the screen, never stop enjoying the wounds of those helpless sufferers and mocking the incompetence of the polices from all over the world.  The negative feedback information they have gathered is attracting or driving more marginalized people to join the fraudsters’ gang and are making the current Internet financial fraud a large-scale, transnational crime and a stylish profession after drug manufacturing and human trafficking. 

         In facing of rampant crime of Internet financial fraud, the large group of victims and the low rate of fraud detection and seizures, and in facing this predatory war targeting hardworking and kind-hearted people in the World, we, a civic, non-for-profit organization "World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance (WAIFA)" was established! 


         Formed in New York, USA - the global financial center and World Capital, WAIFA is a civic, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization consisting of representatives of the Internet financial fraud victims, private individuals who have been following and fighting Internet financial fraud for many years, media reporters who continuously track Internet financial fraud crimes, as well as sociologists, jurists, psychologists, lawyers, and experts of blockchain virtual currency industry. It also composed of financial and banking professionals, former police and law enforcement officials, as well as volunteers from all walks of life.


         WAIFA’s mission is to mobilize all available resources of the society and form a world-wide alliance to declare wars and fight against internet financial fraud, to strike and eradicate internet financial fraud criminal gangs, and to restore and secure a safe, clean and legal Internet financial environment. 


         WAIFA will utilize whatever lawful and feasible ways to counsel and assist worldwide victims of Internet fraud to overcome the hardest situation and will provide mental and emotional supports to those who have just realized themselves being deceived.


         WAIFA will cooperate with law enforcement agencies all over the world, to urge, support and assist them to improve the detection rate of Internet financial fraud, including tracking down criminals and recovering lost funds; and will play a special role in bridging the communication and trust between victims and law enforcement agencies, as well as the law enforcement agencies among different countries.


         WAIFA will work with parliamentarians, elected representatives, opinion leaders, to urge all nations to upgrade and update their respective laws to adapt to the rapid development of Internet banking and blockchain cryptocurrency, to provide statutory authorities to law enforcement and other supervision departments, and to provide police department more efficient enforcement authorities to curb the crimes.  


         WAIFA will utilize the coordinating mechanism under the relevant United Nations departments, to urge police of all nations to work together, to strike and knock down the “shelters” of Internet financial crime existing in some countries, and to destroy criminal dens that are entrenched and hidden in these countries, to restore a healthy ecology of the Internet finance, and a healthy blockchain-encrypted currency ecology.


         WAIFA will cooperate extensively with multilingual news media industry to promote the exposure and coverage of Internet financial crimes from all aspects, including the perspectives of victims, banks and exchanges, government regulators, police, legislatures, and even fraud gangs. By doing so, all sectors of the society will be aware of the importance of this matter and will raise their vigilance and take precautions to Internet financial crimes, which has been disrupting the national financial order and plundering people’s wealth.


         WAIFA will also cooperate and closely work with sociology, psychology, law circle, finance and IT industry to jointly or individually hold seminars and conferences, to discuss relevant issues and topics surrounding  Internet financial fraud, especially social, psychological and legal issues arose out of  blockchain cryptocurrency fraud crimes, such as love fraud, elder fraud, family fraud, fraud psychology, fraud sociology, psychological counseling for victims, the responsibility and obligations of banks and virtual currency exchanges, the legal and even constitutional challenges caused by those criminals who have been using the privacy policies of emerging social media, etc.


         WAIFA will become a global distribution center and information hub for all kinds of information against Internet financial fraud. It will collect, forward, translate, and aggregate all kinds of information about anti-Internet financial fraud from various countries and establish a multilingual website and network to serve the entire world; it will establish its own comprehensive social media system consisting of  text, audio and video postings; it will also set up anti-Internet financial fraud psychological counseling centers, hold anti-Internet financial fraud press conferences,seminars and other public welfare undertakings.


         The War against Internet-Fraud has begun! The war-horn is blowing up! Together let us stand up and shoulder the moral responsibility of the people, fight against internet financial fraud, root up global Internet financial fraud gangs, sustain a legal, clean, healthy and harmonious Internet financial ecology of the world!


         We will win the War! And we will definitely win! 

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