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WAIFA Volunteer Recruitment Letter
World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless

        Maybe you are looking for a platform where you can realize the value of your life, or you are probably looking for a team that can realize your leadership skills and talent, or you are searching for a stage to utilize one of your skills or a platform where to accumulate more working experiences. If any of the above applies to you, the volunteer community of the World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance (WAIFA), which was just founded in New York, maybe just right for you. 

        According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, online finance and blockchain data currency fraud will reach as high as 10.5 billion US dollars, a surge of 700% compared with 2020. This means that the amount of about $28,767,000 per day, i.e., $1,197,000 per hour flows into the pockets of scammers from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of gray-haired elderly people have had their life-long savings stolen and become helpless with no way to remedy but to spend the rest of their life shedding tears; hundreds and thousands of young men and women whose dreams of the future are shattered and are forced to give up their hope of life. Moreover, even though many victims have reported the crime to the police, the detection rate is extremely low and the victims received almost nothing but a report number. For this reason, there are those who went broke and sustained substantial damage.

        This is tantamount to a predatory war launched against the hard-working and kind-hearted people and an undeclared war against the legal systems of all countries in the world! Facing the challenge of decentralizing encrypted digital currency on the blockchain, our traditional financial supervision mechanism is seriously malfunctioning, and our traditional legal system is seriously lagging behind. Criminals are navigating emerging high-tech Internet finance with their agility and adaptability, while our law enforcement agencies struggle with their traditionally inefficient bureaucracies. In the face of financial fraud that combines anonymous fund transferring and virtual communication on the Internet, our legislative power is insufficient, and our law enforcement and justice are even more helpless. The high crime rate and the low case detection rate are inversely proportional. Where the government is powerless, the people need to promote it. In the face of such a serious and arrogant situation of online fraud crimes, non-governmental organizations must stand up, promote self-help and mutual rescue, promote financial reform, and promote legislative reform, so as to provide a powerful source of law for law enforcement and supervision departments and efficient law enforcement means for law enforcement agencies.


Thus, WAIFA, led by a team of lawyers, was found. As an innovative NGO facing difficulty, WAIFA is

building its own multi-faceted professional volunteer team. Maybe you are the supervising and managing professional that WAIFA is looking for, or maybe WAIFA is the platform you are looking for to realize your self-worthiness. 


WAIFA currently has the following opening positions, which are welcoming applicants from all walks of life: 

1) Director of Website Department: set up social media and networking team, will be responsible for its daily construction, management, maintenance, and update. Website building and video production experience required. 

2) Director of the Research Office: organizing and drafting relevant research reports and texts, such as: help to promote the update of the legislation and enforcement regulations of the Financial and Security related rules and law. Professional backgrounds in social sciences such as law, finance, sociology, etc. are required. 

3) Director of Public Relations Department: set up a public relations department; Externally: contact governmental departments, educational institutions, think tanks, research institutes, law firms, banks, companies, media, and even NGOs of the U.N; internally: contact groups of victims of online financial fraud, etc. Experience in relevant fields is required. 


4) Director of the Fundraising Department: To set up the Fundraising Department, be familiar with the organization's goal and purpose, be familiar with various fundraising fields, and be able to propose targeted fundraising strategies. Experience in a relevant field is required. 


5) Psychological counselors for victims of Internet fraud. 


6) Chinese-English/Chinese-English translator (law, finance, economy, other social sciences related subjects). 


7) Website mechanic (daily update and maintenance of WAIFA’s website). 


8) Accounting (including tax filing). 


9) Management of secretarial and administrative documents. 

10) Telephone and website hot line answering staff.

For the above positions, under the conditions of the same professional, experience, and skills, those who have been victims of online financial fraud are preferred. A person who has experienced the same wound in person will know how to gently aid the healing of the wound of other victims in a similar situation. 

Applicants for the above positions, please attach your professional resume (experience trumps academic qualifications), the position you are applying for, your weekly availability. It would be great to attach a short statement to let us know your plans and ideas for your new role. It is even better if a letter of recommendation (optional) is attached with the application. We especially welcome applications from university students. For all the above positions, WAIFA will provide the necessary training to help you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills and provide your volunteer certificates. Looking for a job means making a living, but volunteering will realize your value. The true freedom of life is to fully discover and realize one’s self-worthiness, and to achieve development. While it's not possible for everyone to have 100% of this freedom of life today, wouldn't it be a great joy in life to spend even 1-2% of your time in a position where you can achieve 100% of your self-worthiness? WAIFA is waiting for your application. Contact info is at the bottom of the website. Thanks! 



1. What do the volunteers do?

-- You can first conduct a self-assessment according to our job requirements and then self-recommend the position you are qualified for in the application. We will make a comprehensive evaluation based on the professional and experienced resumes in your application form.

2. What skill-set and experience are required?

-- The common requirement is that you can squeeze out a certain amount of time to work for WAIFA without affecting your daily life and work. Other specific requirements depend on each type of position that you are applying for, which mainly refers to your knowledge and experience in the related field.

3. How long do you work per week?

-- The hours are fully flexible. You could choose to work 1 hour per day or more hours depending on your preference. It is crucial not to make working for WAIFA a burden to you.

4. How to start?

-- Submit a written application and provide authentic (professional or experienced) information about yourself. After your application is reviewed by our team, we will communicate with you by video or audio chat, and then we will notify you about our decision. WAIFA is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information and will never share it with any unrelated third party.

5. What can I do?

-- You could simply sit at your desk or anywhere at home comfortably to complete the work using your computer.  

Recruitment Q & A

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