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Commonwealth v. Witson Lavilette

Case No. J-S08035-19

  • Case Summary: Guilty of swindling thousands of dollars from an elderly victim through a hoax known as the “Grandparent Scam.” The case began following a complaint from the victim, who was scammed after receiving a phone call indicating his grandson needed bail money for a drunken driving arrest.

  • Charges: Found guilty of felony counts of criminal attempt to commit theft by deception, criminal conspiracy, and theft by deception.

  • Judgment Result: Sentenced to 8-23 months in prison.

  • Additional Information: On appeal, Lavilette contended he shouldn’t have been convicted because investigators didn’t prove he was connected with the scam. Stevens countered that the evidence presented at Lavilette’s trial “established beyond a reasonable doubt that it was proper for the jury to find (Lavilette) guilty.”

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