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Word of God Fellowship, Inc. v. Silvergate Bank et al

United States v. Kwame O. Yeboah

Case Summary: Kwame O. Yeboah, 38, of Columbus, conspired to launder more than $1.7 million through bank accounts in his control. Along with him, were six other co-conspirators who were convicted and sentenced for laundering the proceeds of online romance scams; they did not conduct the actual online scamming. The total amount generated by romance fraud that these individuals laundered was more than $11.8 million. Source:

  • Charges: Money Laundering (Title 18, United States Code, Section 1957)

  • Judgment Result: 18 months in prison and three years of supervised release in addition to paying 1.7 million in restitution

  • TRAITS OF ROMANCE SCAMS: Romance scams involved individuals creating multiple profiles on online dating sites and reaching out to men and women across the United States and other locations. They built emotional connections and romantic relationships with their targets. Once trust was established, the scammers asked for money, citing various reasons such as investments or urgent needs. They would provide account details and instructions on where the money should be sent.

Source : nline-romance-scam-proceeds

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