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​WAIFA Already Received Federal Union Tax-Free Qualifications

World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance’s 501(C)(3) Federal Union tax-free qualifications have received the approval of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore, all donations received since the establishment of WAIFA can obtain a tax exemption certificate for donations issued by WAIFA.

WAIFA is a non-profit organization registered in New York, USA. Our sources of funds are entirely raised by the private sector.

We are in an era of rapid development of Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency, and we are also in an era where Internet finance and blockchain cryptocurrency crimes are at their peak. According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, Internet finance and blockchain data currency fraud has reached 10.5 billion US dollars, soaring to 700% by 2020. Traditional fraud technique, traditional slave labor triad combined with high technology and the Internet, is reeling in all the big banks, big financial companies, big virtual currency exchanges, big social media platforms, big law firms, and … collectively without anyone's will. In the face of the huge amount of fraud and thousands of victims of fraud, the traditional operating mechanisms, regulatory methods, law enforcement means, and judicial remedies, are not enough to counteract the arrogance of Internet financial fraud, but leave a large legal vacuum and gray area, allowing the fraudulent gangs to gallop freely as if they were in no man's land. The high crime rate of Internet fraud and the low police detection rate are inversely proportional.

Thus World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance (WAIFA) came into existence under this background. Our purpose is to let the light of justice spread on the earth and let the sword of law Pierce all gray zones.

WAIFA is mainly formed by a group of Internet financial fraud victims as the mainstay, backed by lawyers that are familiar with digital currency finance. WAIFA aims to help the victims of online financial fraud recover from the shadow of victimization, also organize and coordinate the relationship between victims and banks, virtual currency exchanges, and social media platforms, and minimize the potential related legal liability that is brought by Internet financial fraud to the relevant social media site, banks, and virtual currency exchanges. WAIFA will take full advantage of the flexibility as a civil non-profit organization, building a bridge of trust between fraud victims and government law enforcement authorities; WAIFA will work with members of parliament, public representatives, opinion leaders, and academic community from various countries to urge congresses to update corresponding law, including laws that are proposed to face fraudsters who make full use of social media’s privacy policy to commit a crime, even the adjustments on the constitution, to adapt the rapid development of network finance and cryptocurrency, also deal with the increasingly fierce Internet financial fraud crime, providing effective legal resources, enforcement tools for law enforcement and supervision department. There will be a lot of projects for WAIFA to complete. We are exploring new ground beyond traditional areas and will face many upcoming challenges.

We sincerely appeal to all sectors of society to donate to WAIFA, a new non-profit organization, to support our efforts to build a new bridge between NGOs and government law enforcement. Your donation is tax-deductible and we will provide you with proof of tax deduction after receipt of the donation.

Please make your cheque payable to:

World Anti-Internet Fraud Alliance, Inc. or WAIFA, mailing address: 99 Wall Street, Suite #1859, New York, NY 10005, USA;

Direct bank transfer is also available:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A,

Route #:021000021


Or donate via the PayPal App at the bottom of the front page of WAIFA's website.

We sincerely thank you for your support of WAIFA!

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